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The Royal Ballet: Romeo and Juliet

  • "The Royal Ballet: Romeo and Juliet" — Kenneth MacMillan's famous version of Shakespeare's romantic tragedy set to Prokofiev's magnificent score returns to open the 2015/16 Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season. This Romeo and Juliet is rich in the swaggering colour of Verona street life and in sword fights and celebrations, but MacMillan's focus is always on the complex emotions of the young lovers - especially on Juliet as she journeys through the delirious happiness of first love to a shocked, adult perception of her fate. Juliet is one of the most coveted of all ballerina roles, and as MacMillan's ballet enters its 50th year it resonates as deeply with audiences today as when it was first seen half a century ago.

    Movie Information
    RATING:No Rating
    LENGTH:180 mins.
    GENRE: Program
    DIRECTOR: Kenneth MacMillan
    CAST: Sarah Lamb, Steven McRae, Alexander Campbell, Gary Avis, Tristan Dyer, Ryoichi Hirano, Christopher Saunders, Elizabeth McGorian, Alastair Marriott, Sian Murphy
    WEBSITE: Not available